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Yes the Bronx is trying to erase outdated stereotypes stigmatizing our borough. As part of that effort we have taken on issues where we can make a difference improving the lives of Bronxites. One is civics, largely ignored by schools today.

We want to step in with a video series, Civics with Irving, American civics, constitutional rights, and local democracy, will be NewABALogo300addressed in lively talks between Dr. Irving Ladimer and young people about the rights we have from the U.S. Constitution and our responsibilities apropos those rights. The project has been awarded a grant from the American Bar Association as part of its establishment of civics and law “academies” in communities across the country. Dr. Irving Ladimer, a lawyer, professor, and businessman, is an apt socratic teacher, drawing on his young discussionists. Each video, co-produced by BronxNet channel 67, will be made available on the Yes the Bronx and Bronxnet websites and on YouTube. Copies of the videos will also be distributed to local schools and extracurricular groups, parents, seniors, and organizations concerned with community improvement.

Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and Justice Stephen Breyer are active supporters of civics learning as a bulwark of democracy.

The video project is being directed by Alec Diacou of Yes the Bronx in collaboration with Irving Ladimer, who is an active member of the American Bar Association, Chair of the Law, Rules and Ethics Committee of our local community board, a professor, and a well-known community leader.

As of July, 2014, we have successfully produced a demonstration video on the First Amendment, the Freedom of Speech. More to follow!