Green Bronx Machine

Urban farming and green tech in the Bronx? Yes! These innovators are growing in the Bronx, and we’re proud to herald their achievements. The Green Bronx Machine run by Steve Ritz, has transformed urban junkyards into vertical farms, training Bronx teenagers to be the newest farmers in the newest sustainable effort: Green Walls. Green Bronx Machine’s Facebook page is run by their students.


Ely Beach Solar

Renewable energy is also growing in the Bronx! Ely Beach Solar is leading the transition to solar heating systems from dirty and expensive fossil heating fuels. Douglas Falkenburg founded Ely Beach to help commercial and multi-family residential building owners transition to solar hot water and space heating systems with turnkey design and monitoring.

These photos show a 25 panel solar thermal system using evacuated tube technology.  It sits atop the roof of St. Mary’s Pool and Recreational center located in the Bronx, NY. The system provides the heat needed for the indoor pool and facility’s showers and sinks.