Yes The Bronx (YTB) sponsors an annual event called, “Energize the Bronx Marathon Party”, which comes about every year around the time of the New York Marathon. The party is meant primarily to cheer on the marathon runners as they hit the 20-mile mark of the race. nike kd 6 On November 6th, 2011, YTB got the publicity it greatly needed through the numerous balloons and signage present at the organization’s 2nd event. adidas soldes The Willis Avenue Bridge was full of energetic and hopeful YTB volunteers pushing the marathon competitors to prevail. nike air max thea Also in attendance was Alec Diacou, founder of YTB, who was busy providing YTB gear and objects to project to the media. kobe The attendance at this event not only showed the Bronx’s true colors but it also showed the good spirit of the the Bronx community by providing selfless motivation to these athletes. new balance cheap In conducting the annual marathon party, YTB attempts to draw awareness to the primary goal of having the 176-foot observation tower constructed as a monument for the Bronx to “hang its hat on”. charles oakley jersey With sponsors such as Yes The Bronx, Project Obesity, Borough President Diaz, and Honorable Joel Rivera, the Bronx community is able to year after year perch up on Willis Avenue Bridge and promote Yes The Bronx loud and proud. nike air jordan soldes These sponsors and many more are needed to cover the approximately $25 million tower set to be located on the Manhattan waterfront at the between the Harlem and East Rivers. chaussures running asics The plan is to have the tower be a positive landmark on the Bronx community, which until recently has been painted in a negative light.